Stone Spindle Farm

Pet Beds


Your pet deserves to be pampered too!

 Our pet beds, which could also be used as floor cushions, are stuffed with alpaca fibre making them a perfect alternative to polyester filled pillows.

 The interior is made from undyed cotton muslin and stuffed with alpaca fibre before being placed in a washable cover. 

 The covers are made from thrifted and deadstock fabrics. This continues our efforts to keep textiles from ending up in the landfill.

 Comfortable and a more ecofriendly alternative to polyester filled beds, they are a great way to look after that special four legged family member 


Dimensions are:


Small   22' x 28"  (aprproximately)

 Medium  24"  33" (approximately)

 Large  30" x 38" (approximately)

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