Stone Spindle Farm

Sock Yarn


*We are currently sold out of this yarn. But fear not, we will be sending fleece to the mill soon and will have more!!


This blend of 70% alpaca /30% Lincoln Longwool/5% Dorset wool has been more than we could hope for. The yarn blends the best of both fibre animals into a soft, long wearing yarn that is a pleasure to knit and wear. 

This sock blend is exclusive to Stone Spindle Farm.

Lincoln Longwool sheep are critically endangered and by choosing to use this fleece from a local organic farm we are doing our part to promote livestock diversity and keeping our sock yarn all natural. 

We only use natural dyes to colour our yarns.  Indigo, brazilwood, lac, and kamala are some of the dyes used in these yarns.

Please note - the colours in the photos are not an exact match to the skeins.  Often the photos wash out the darker, richer hues

Each skein is approximately 120 grams and 376 metres (408 yards)

We use a 2.5 -2.75 mm needle when we knit socks 

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