The journey began

We purchased the farm in 2016 and our families contacted a local artist to design our sign, Todd helped to design the post with its millstone spindle to hang our sign from

New animals

We began upgrading the quality of our herd early in 2017 with the purchase of 5 new females, and following later in the year with the arrival of Sam (pictured) and Conner

Suri alpacas

The opportunity to aquire some suri alpacas arose in 2018 and jumped at the chance to add these beautiful, unique animals to the Stone Spindle gang


By this year we had been introduced to the fibreshed philosophy that what we wear comes from the soil and it should be able to safely return to the soil, It aligned with our personal beliefs and it was an easy transition to using only natural dyes and local manufacturing partners whenever possible.


Things were expanding and we began collaborating with various other fibre farms. It has been fun and rewarding working and sharing with other artisans

Learining and Growing

By this year we are doiing the farm jobs that we had been contracting to others. We are using organic practices to restore our pastures and hay fields. By implementing these methods we are getting better quality feed which makes for heallthier alpacas and better fleece

Featured article

Shearing 101

Shearing 101

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