Stone Spindle Farm

Alpaca Dryer Balls


Put a little luxury in your laundry day!

Alpaca dryer balls are the eco-friendly addition to your laundry routine.

Dryer balls have so many benefits:

- Help your clothes to dry faster, saving money on electricity and wear on fabrics, making clothing wear longer

- Replaces the need for dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener. This saves you money, quickly paying for the cost of your dryer balls

- By replacing the dryer sheets and fabric softener, you remove toxic chemicals and allergens from your home

- Not using dryer sheets adds to the longevity of your dryer.

- Dryer balls are reusable, making them the eco-friendly choice.

- Dryer balls are 100% natural and can be composted, keeping non-biodegradeable waste from landfill sites


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