Stone Spindle Farm

Bench Warmer


They say that neccessity is the mother of invention.  It was certainly the case with our Bench Warmers.


Over time I had come  to the realization that bleachers (especially metal ones) suck the heat from your body through the the part you sit on.  They are also hard. These two things impact your enjoyment of hockey games, outdoor concerts, or making smores by the fire.


Alpaca to the rescue!


Our Bench Warmers are a cushion stuffed with alpaca fibre. The cushion has channels sewn into it to keep the fleece where it should be, and not migrating to the edges over time. The cover is nylon on one side to resist moisture, and heavy cotton on the other for comfort. They are bright red to make them easy to find in a suitcase or the back of a vehicle. The cover is washer and dryer safe and closes with velcro for ease. Two heavy elastic loops allow for the Warmer to be folded to make it smaller for storage and transport.



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