Stone Spindle Farm

Sweater Balls


I came up with the idea of sweater balls because I was looking for an eco friendly solution to the problem of not having a moth deterent for my rather substantial collection of yarns, fibres, and natural fibre sweaters, scarves, etc. 

The balls are infused with lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils and placed in the drawers, bins and bags that house my collection.  Each package contains 3 sweater balls.

They were so effective that others began to ask for them and customers have found more uses for them as deoderizers for closets filled with sweaty sports equipment, inserts for stinky shoes, and unscented they make great cat toys.

I put some peppermint infused balls in an old steamer trunk and it banished the musty smell in a matter of a couple of weeks. After learning that peppermint was a great mouse deterent I have the peppermint ones in my basement pantry cupboards and have had no more "visitors".

Any orders over $100.00 will recieve a free set of sweater balls to protect your new alpaca purchase.



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